Faculty of Urban Environmental Engineering and Management was created on 5 April 1991.

  It included three producing departments and two departments of general education:
- Engineering Ecology of Cities;
- Water Supply, Sanitation and Water Purification;
- Exploitation of Gas and Heating Systems (since 1993);
- Chemistry;
- Geodesy and Geoinformation Technologies.

     At present the faculty includes three producing Department:
- Urban and Regional Ecosystems;
- Water Supply, Sanitation and Water Purification;
- Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology;
and two of general education Department:
- Higher Mathematics;
- Chemistry and Integrated Technology.

      The youngest of the producing is Department of Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology, established in 1993. Department of Urban and Regional Ecosystems created in 1990, Department of Water Supply, Sanitation and Wate Purification - in 1945.

   In different years at the departments of the faculty work: PhD, Professor N.I. Casas; Professor, doctors of technical Sciences D.C. Cherkes; G.N. Malishevsky; Commissar of municipal economy of Ukraine G.K. Shejko, A.I. Kobylin.

   The first Dean of the faculty was PhD, associate professor, honored worker of culture of Ukraine I.E. Saratov, who worked in this position until 1997. From 1997 to 1998, the Dean of the faculty was PhD, associate professor L.F. Marakhovsky.

  The main task of the Department is preparation of bachelors and masters in environmental profile.

    The path of improvement, finding new solutions has always been characteristic of the faculty. Opening new professions and specializations, the team aims to introduce all new and advanced.The main task of the Department is preparation of bachelors, specialists and masters in environmental profile.

    Faculty chairs have branches in institutions: Ukrkomunniiproekt; Ukrkommunniiprogress, in the Department of ecology and natural resources in the Kharkiv region, Kharkiv regional sanitary-epidemiological station, the enterprise "Kharkivvodokanal".
    Over the years, the graduates of the departments of the faculty were: former Belgorod mayor G.G.Holykov,  Director of the scientific-production firm "EKOTON" P.V.Trunov, Deputy General Director KP "Kharkivvodokanal" A.N. Kovalenko, Director of Svitlovodsk Manage water supply and sewage V.M. Dem'yanyuk.

    The faculty has made a significant contribution to the development of municipal economy of Ukraine. Extremely actual and perspective are the work conducted by the faculty in the field of natural and waste water treatment, regulation of water consumption and water disposal systems of economic and drinking needs, and for industrial enterprises.

     Main directions of scientific work of departments of faculty: "Physical and сhemical methods of intensification of the processes of water purification" (head  - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor S.S. Dushkin); "Development and introduction of environmental technologies to the protection and restoration of natural environment" (head  - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor F.V. Stolberh); "Improvement of reliability and efficiency of operation of systems of gas and energy in the gas industry" (head - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor I.I. Kaptsov). 

     In 1995 Professor F.V. Stolberh was awarded the honorary title of laureate of State prize of Ukraine in science and technology. A new wastewater treatment technology "Bioplato" at the regional exhibition "the Science of Kharkov region-2000" has received the diploma of the First degree (authors - F.V. Stolberh, V.N. Ladyzhenskii). In 1995, the Professor I.E. Saratov was awarded the honorary title "Honored worker of culture of Ukraine". The exhibition-fair "Education of Kharkiv region-1998" the work of Professor I.E. Saratov "Planetary ecological phenomena in the atmosphere" was awarded a diploma as the best work of the KSAME.

      The faculty supports scientific-production relations with 20 scientific-research institutes, educational institutions and enterprises, in particular with A.V. Dumansky Institute of colloid chemistry and water chemistry of NAS of Ukraine, Ukrainian research Institute of environmental problems, "Kharkivvodokanal", "Kharkivvodokanalproject", Kiev national University of construction and architecture, Kharkov state University of building and architecture, Kharkov national technical University "KhPI", Kharkov national automobile and highway University, Manages water supply and sewage of Kramatorsk, Svetlovodsk, Zelenograd, Izhevsk and other.

     The Faculty carries out information exchange by latest environmental technologies with the environmental firms Earth's Upper Saxony (Germany). Research and information exchange on water treatment using the facilities of "Bioplato" in Ukraine on the basis of scientific cooperation with Estonia, the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden. Is the project "Environment and Energy" in cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Vaasa (Finland) and University Ebert Dundee (UK).
    The faculty have two computer classes, educational-scientific-industrial complex, which includes, besides the above enterprises and institutions, private companies and limited liability companies. On the basis of the complex is planned to create the regional center of water quality control.
  The faculty is working on opening new specialties and specializations, in particular: "Gas and Oil Pipelines and Oil Storage", "Water Quality Management", "Ecological Management and Audit". Opened a doctorate degree in 05.23.04 - Water Supply, Sewerage.